Our Company Profile

TENG LONG INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER CORPORATION, is a duly accredited Recruitment Agency with   License No. POEA-008-LB-022020-PLe issued by DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT (DOLE) for operating   business on the field of sending Filipino Overseas Worker (OFW) abroad.

  TENG LONG INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER CORPORATION, began its operation last February 26, 2018. Our board members are comprised of industry professionals who have years of experience in various recruitment and placement agencies.

TENG LONG aspires to become one of the rapidly growing and progressive agencies in the Philippines. The company conducts its business with utmost compliance to the legal framework of DOLE's regulations, and with the company's code of business ethics and practices.

   "Our quality of service is our primary concern and we shall provide our clients high caliber and personalized service that comes from the HEART"

The guiding Philosophy with which the Company operates is Quality Service. Quality Services to TENG LONG means providing our clients with competent and productive people that will cater to their requirements and that can easily adapt with the existing culture within the client's organization. In every manpower requirement, TENG LONG sees to it that the Client's best interests are met.

Our recruitment process is efficient but flexible to accommodate the requirements of our clients. We fully acknowledge our role as partners in helping our clients attain their company's objectives. We constantly keep in mind the maxim that "your employees are the foundation upon which your business is built and the selection of new staff is one of the most critical task management has to face".

In line with our client's requirement we are also always striving to create a positive impact in the life and career of candidates we have considered and deployed.



We aim to fulfill our Foreign Employers’ needs by providing efficient, trained and hard-working Skilled and Professional Filipino workers.

It is also our mission to be the government’s partner in preserving the professional integrity of our Overseas Filipino Workers and help them to contribute to the economy of the Philippines.


Our aspiration is to be the provider of choice in manpower, training and staffing in the Philippines in various enterprises. With our company, built on teamwork and integrity, we enable our clients to achieve their business goals through the excellent workforce we deploy.


      • Integrity
      • Teamwork
      • Service Excellence
      • Respect
      • Efficiency
      • People Development
      • Quality of Life